Pesto Kale Krunch

pesto-kk-titleFor basil lovers everywhere… combining our crispy, wholesome kale with garden fresh basil, lemon juice and sunflower seeds to produce our take on a pesto treat that is sure to please. Delicious to munch on when your tastebuds are craving something out of the ordinary.

INGREDIENTS: Kale, sprouted sunflower seeds, fresh basil, red bell pepper, lemon juice, hulled hemp seeds, Himalayan salt, pepper.

Honu’s Hearth, love yourself with every bite!

– Naturally Gluten Free Ingredients
– Wheat Free
– Soy Free
– 100% Raw Vegan

Honu’s Hearth Kale Krunch can be ordered online, and also is also available in these fine retail locations; or by ordering by email or phone.

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