Sage Pickle Cracker

sage-pickle-titleScrumptious Sage Pickle Crackers tease the tastebuds!

Wholesome bursts of nutrient-dense flavor are locked in by heating under 115 degrees. A good source of dietary fiber (not a low fat food) and Vitamin C, Honu’s Hearth Crackers are dehydrated, not baked. Packed with beneficial nutrients and enzymes, experience the extraordinary chi!

Versatile, eat these crackers as an on-the-go snack, in place of bread, dipped in spreads, floated on soup, or crumbled in salad.

Honu’s Hearth, love yourself with every bite!

– Naturally Gluten Free Ingredients
– Wheat Free
– Soy Free
– 100% Raw Vegan

Honu’s Hearth crackers are available in these fine retail locations; or by ordering by email or phone.

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INGREDIENTS: Kousa Squash, pumpkin seeds, naturally fermented organic dill pickles (cucumbers, filtered water, unrefined sea salt, dill, garlic, black pepper, chile pepper, fennel seed, bay leaf, cinnamon), flax seeds, extra virgin olive oil, sage, Himalayan rock salt, hot sauce (red hot chili pepper, distilled white vinegar [diluted with water to 5% acidity], lime juice, garlic, spices, salt) and spices.

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